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Water Mania

Have you ever want to play firefighter? Yes, you have! Then, here is the great occasion to make that dream come true: Water Mania. Fires are everywhere. Wanna help shut off fire progress into town? If so, waste no more time and quick on freegameloader.com to start the game.

More informations about Water Mania


Water Mania is in the category of game profession. Your mission is to play the firefighter of the city. The whole city’s on fire. You need to act as quickly as possible. Your water reservoir is the right side of the screen game. Make sure to use properly the water stock. When you complete a level, click on ‘’Next mission’’ to continue.  Play the game as long as you like for free and without download. So are tons of similar games on freegameloader.com.


How to play Water Mania


At first, click on ‘’Play’’ and then on ‘’1’’ to start Water Mania. You just need to use your mouse for playing. As a firefighter, your character walks alone. For controls, you only need manage the water pump. To move the pump higher, follow the mouse movement. To throw water on objects on fire, press and hold the left button from your mouse. Share the link of the game on your Facebook or Twitter home page.