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LA Rex

Do you like action, dinosaur and human eating game? Are you a fan of games in which you have to be on the wicked side? If so, you’ll enjoy good hours of playing before your computer thanks to this LA Rex. Go right now on freegameloader.com for free and fun game.

More informations about LA Rex


LA Rex is in the category of action game. For information, the streets of Los Angeles are very dangerous to wandering around. Why? T- Rex, the fierce and people-eating dinosaur is back. He intends to tear the city apart. Your goal is to play the T-Rex’s part. Keep focus and alert because police agents will try everything to shoot Rex down. As a tip, eat as many humans and smash as many buildings as possible to grow energy. Play numerous action games without download on freegameloader.com.


How to play LA Rex


Wanna play the game? If the answer is a yes, click on ‘’Continue’’ and on ‘’Play the game’’. The game play is simple. Press on the left and right arrows keys to walk forward or back.  Jump on cars and buildings using the Up direction key. The mouse allows you to move Rex’s head and its left button to bite and eat people. Share the game on Facebook or Google+ for your friends’ enjoyment.