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Police Pursuit 3D

If you’re a fan of car racing and criminal pursuit games, Police Pursuit 3D is a game to try absolutely. It’s about chasing bad and criminal guys who’ll do anything to escape the police. Visit quickly the free game platform freegameloader.com and discover the 3D design of the Police Pursuit 3D universe.

More informations about Police Pursuit 3D


The game is in the category of race games. Criminals and terrorists are trying to escape and police need your help to get rid of all of them. It’s not complicated. Take out as many criminals as you can before your time is over. You just have to drain the energy bar of your enemy by grinding against them. You can as well burst into them directly or slam them against the wall. freegameloader.com is the platform for all kinds of racing games for free and without download.


How to play Police Pursuit 3D


Wanna help the police take down the criminals? If yes, click on ‘’Continue’’ and on ‘’Chase mode’’ to start your mission. First, select your police car and course area. Click on ‘’Next’’ after each selection. To accelerate, press the Up direction key and the Down to brake. Left and right arrow keys for your car are moving. Shoot criminals by clicking ‘’Space’’ key and boost your nitro using Ctrl. Invite your friends to try the game by liking or shaking it on social media networks.