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NY Rex

For all gamers who know about LA Rex, here’s its long looked-for sequel the NY Rex. If you haven't discovered Rex Series yet, no need to worry! FreeGameLoader is the platform to enjoy hours of action and killing. Ready for some killing and shooting? If yes, click on Play right now.

More informations about NY Rex


NY Rex is a game of action and shooting. For history, you’ll have to embody the fierce T-Rex. In this sequel, the dinosaur T-Rex is kept prisoner after his wrath in LA.  His enemy plan to kill him once in New York. On his way to New York, he escapes from his chains. Your goal is to make sure that he survives from police and evils. You have also to help him destroy everything on his way of vision. Playing is free and without download.



How to play NY Rex


The game play is quite easy. Here is all you have to know before starting. Once the game is loading, click on ‘’Continue’’, on ‘’Play’’ and on ‘’1’’.  To move forward and backward, use AD or direction keys. Press WS to jump and crouch.  Use the mouse to move his head up and to bite people. Wanna help your friends discover this cool action game? If so, just share it on your Facebook or Twitter home page.